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Dialler and FLG CRM integration

Accelerate FLG CRM automation even more. Automate your dialling to with a dialler.

When integrated with Hostcomm’s ContactPro hosted dialler, FLG CRM is faster, more flexible, and has a much bigger impact on your results. Your agents can click to dial, view essential customer information instantly, and automatically turn calls into FLG leads.

So they can spend less time on administration, and more time on connected calls, TALKING, delivering the best service and driving the best results.

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Click to Dial

Let your agents dial with a single click from within the FLG CRM interface. No errors, no wasted time and as much as an hour a day reclaimed.

Manually-entered phone numbers are prone to error and, even when they’re entered correctly, it’s a time-consuming way to work, slowing down calling efforts. Stop dialling. It's old fashioned and inefficient. Simply click to dial. 


Screen Pop

With dialler and FLG CRM integration you can screen pop essential information to your agents when ever a call is connected. So they are always ready to start a discussion.

To deliver the best service and close sales, your agents need to be prepared with the best customer data. But manually loading records or asking for information wastes time – at around 20 seconds per call, it’s more than an hour every single day.


Auto Lead Creation

Automatically populate quality leads into FLG CRM for follow-up and tracking through the customer’s journey.

Manually juggling multiple sources of data is frustrating, time consuming and prone to error. Hostcomm dialler and FLG integration lets agents collect customer data during a call, using a form that you can customise with fields related to your unique campaign. Then, when calls are dispositioned, this data can be populated into the FLG database, creating a new lead record without any manual input.

Are you an FLG CRM user?

Then try Hostcomm ContactPro Hosted Dialler to see what integrated automation could do for your calling.

It’s a way to increase the number of calls you make, drive higher contact rates, and boost sales with a better workflow for your agents. Contact us now for a free demonstration and to see the results for yourself.

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