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CRM and Dialler Integration Improves Results

If your CRM isn’t integrated with a dialler, your processes aren’t at their most efficient. When integrated with the Hostcomm ContactPro hosted dialler, your CRM system could have a bigger impact on agent performance, sales, and revenue.

CRM and dialler integration is a way to present agents with timely information, automate the most common tasks including recording new customer records, and reduce the cost of business. So your agents can spend more of their time on what’s important – having more conversations and getting better results. All while consolidating your data into a single resource – your CRM – to avoid the frustrations and expense of managing two silos of inaccurate data.

Our integrations include some features that would be valuable to most businesses. For example, we offer click to dial from your CRM. This allows your staff to easily contact your customers using contact details held on your systems. 

Our integrations also include the ability to create screen pops of data drawn from the CRM, which means that your agents always have the right information at their finger tips. This makes customer engagements shorter, more productive and provides a much better customer experience.

Surveys and forms enable your staff to gather customer information, quickly and accurately and send it directly into your CRM. This helps tominimizee the number of errors and ensures that all essential details required.

CRM and dialler integration benefits:

  • Less admin
  • More time to make calls
  • Better analytics for reviewing campaign performance
  • Improved list management in one location, your CRM

FLG CRM Integration

A flexible software-as-a-service solution, FLG promises extreme velocity and complete sales automation. With Hostcomm, you can maintain that lightning fast way of working; pushing leads to the dialler with a click or building new FLG leads automatically.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is the market-leading CRM, but it’s only as valuable as the data that’s held within it. With Hostcomm ContactPro integration, you can eliminate all the hours that your agents spend logging calls and dialling numbers – just work directly from the familiar Salesforce interface, and trust our automation to take care of it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

It takes insight, intelligence, and guidance to close sales and win business. Microsoft Dynamics puts all that information at your fingertips, so you can truly understand your customers. The Hostcomm integration lets you apply that intelligence, putting it into practice with integrated calling.

Zoho CRM Integration

An affordable way to gain 360-degree visibility across your business, Zoho CRM offers a customisable interface and its own built-in automation. When it’s time to connect with leads and customers, Hostcomm hosted dialler integration gives you a fast, flexible way to extend this automation to calling.

BrightOffice CRM Integration

BrightOffice produces tailored CRM services for specific industry sectors such as ECO Green Deal, Solar, Alternative Investments, Cases and Debt management. Their services are ready to go and include all the necessary processes for a competitive monthly fee. Hostcomm's hosted dialler enhances the service with click to dial, screen pops, automatic data management and workflow automation.

How CRM Dialler Integration Works

Integrating your dialler and CRM system is quick and easy. There’s no need to change your telephony or install new hardware. No IT dept involvement and not CAPEX budget required.

Simply place your order and we’ll set up your hosted service for you. No need to involve your IT department, which makes set up quick and simple. Having implemented the service for many large corporates, Hostcomm has developed a secure method for overcoming firewall issues through use of a firewall traversal. Plus, the service includes a dedicated internet connection so there is no need for a new fixed or ISDN line.

No Capex Budget Required. As a hosted, cloud based service, there is no need to gain capex budget approval. Hostcomm offers a pay as you go service, which means there is no risk to the business, just a simple monthly campaign expense.

When you subscribe to our dialler service, you’ll get:

  • Hostcomm ContactPro hosted predictive dialler
  • Integration services using our integration API
  • On-demand support to help you stay productive
  • Managed services with a Service Level Agreement
  • A dedicated internet connection to maximise dialler performance
  • Local network hardware including a router, headsets, and phones

See the Results – Run a Campaign

Do you have a campaign where better systems could improve your results? Then give your agents the tools they need to deliver results and put the Hostcomm service to the test.

Just add as many or as few seats as you need and switch the service off at the end of your campaign. It’s ideal if your legacy systems are holding back your agents – and with detailed campaign analytics, it’s the best way to see how much better you could do. 

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