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Call Routing

Intelligent call routing transforms the customer experience from one which involves waiting on hold or being passed from one department to another, to one in which the right person answers the phone, first time.

For call centre agents, intelligent call routing ensures they know who they’re about to speak to or what the call concerns before they’ve picked up the call. It means agents are prepared for the conversation they’re about to have, ensuring the conversation is far more likely to end with a satisfactory outcome, and boosting profits for your business.

With Hostcomm intelligent call routing, calls can be easily routed according to a number of variables including agent skills, campaigns, call priorities, telephone numbers or geographic origin.

Well help you determine the best call routing strategies for your call centre. And we’ll help you set it up. For more information, contact us on 0808 168 4400.

Methods of Call Routing

Virtual agent groups Routing

Unlike traditional networks, VoIP makes it easy to set up virtual agent groups which can be spread around the country or world, or at home.

Hunt Groups Direct Routing

Direct Routing, otherwise known as hunt groups, is the standard model for routing calls. This is a great option for companies just getting established. If you want Sales you call the Sales number, and if it’s busy you wait. For Service you call an entirely different number.

Least Idle Call Routing

Using least idle routing places calls with the agent who’s been waiting for a call the longest.

Least Occupied Call Routing

With least occupied routing the next call is sent to whoever’s been least utilised throughout the day. Some agents don’t want to take calls. This is a great way of stopping them from putting themselves at the back of the queue.

Call Routing for Managing Call Volumes

At busy times, it’s easy to route calls to additional call centre agents working in different call centres or on different campaigns.

Skills-based Call Routing

Skills-based routing is a way of routing calls to the best agent. Intelligent call routing allocates a number to agents - usually from one to ten - to denote their skill in a particular field.

Tagged by Call Origin Call Routing

Call routing can tag each call with an indication of its origin so that the agent answers appropriately – in the relevant language, for example. If required, the system can also play a short message to inform the agent, prior to connection, where the call has originated from.

Colour coded notification Call Routing

The call routing system can colour-code the inbound call notification. This way, the agent knows instantly how to respond. Colour coding works well because agents can process this information faster than by reading a message.

Caller priorities Call Routing

We can set up call priorities so that the caller ID is recognised as important and given priority.

PIN enabled Call Routing

Hostcomm can provide callers with a PIN, enabling them to be routed through to a specific team.

Agent Specific Queue Call Routing

Our inbound call routing system can give callers the option of selecting the agent they wish to speak to. If that agent’s already on a call, he or she can see there’s queue forming and react accordingly.

Nuisance Call Routing

We can also apply negative routing of calls, which sends nuisance callers to a queue or voicemail.