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Call Recording

An added option available with our Hosted Telephony VoIP service, call recording drives performance and better call outcomes. It’s quick, easy and cost effective to add to your plan.

Hosted call recording can be used by all types of businesses. For small businesses, it’s an effective way to avoid the expense of implementing, staffing and maintaining call recording in-house. Meanwhile, contact centres can depend on centralized functionality, even when their agents are geographically dispersed.

Our services are provided as a monthly subscription. And, because it’s hosted, it can be up and running in just 24 hours, without the need for IT support. All you pay is a fixed price per user per month, scaling up and down with your business.

Record calls from any phone

Search & access recorded calls online immediately

Supports PCI compliance for taking payments over the phone

Secure data storage

Comprehensive call reporting

Regulatory compliance & risk mitigation

We'll help you set up call recording for your business. For more information, contact us on 0808 168 4400.

Benefits of Call Recording

Record calls within the law

If your agents take payment card information, PCI DSS compliance demands that none of this data is recorded. Our call recording system can automatically remove card data from your call recordings or pass customers to an automated PCI payment system, helping you stay compliant and within the law.

Multi-site recording and capability

While your agents may increasingly work from a variety of locations, this can bring new complexity to capturing, managing, and auditing calls. Our call recording system lets you record calls from multiple locations, reviewing them under a single, centralised interface.

Hear every client interaction

With a crystal-clear recording of every call made, you’ll gain valuable insight into your customers. You can hear their attitudes, the experience they get when dealing with your agents, and quickly resolve issues by returning to the calls themselves.

Feedback and support for agents

Call recording is the ideal way to train your agents and develop their skills. But at the same time, it’s a useful way to spot bad habits which can be fed back to your teams on a regular basis. You’ll get the information you need to reward your best agents, and save their calls for training others.

Regulatory compliance & risk mitigation

Accountability is an essential part of handling calls, and our call recording system provides you with complete evidence of every call made. So you can quickly check calls if disputes or disagreements arise, and always make sure your agents are following your procedures.

Comprehensive call reporting

Call recording is useless if it’s not easy to search, collate and retrieve calls. While we provide a full call reporting service as part of our hosted telephony plans, our call recording interface allows you to search for call recordings by a specific agent, or on a specific day. All from any web browser.

Fully secure

Your calls may contain sensitive or confidential data, and we know how important it is to keep them secure. That’s why your records will be stored within our privately operated infrastructure, behind a robust firewall that only provides access to you and the people you nominate. Call encryption is also available.

Data storage on a dedicated server

The demands of compliance mean staying secure and, often, keeping data stored for considerable periods of time. Our call recording system provides you with a dedicated server, effectively isolating your calls from other customers and providing you with ample storage for the foreseeable future.

Why Move to Cloud-based Telephony?


With your calling in the cloud, your telecoms will go wherever your agents go – and always be available. Our infrastructure is highly redundant, with no single point of failure and intelligent traffic shaping, so you can depend on a high quality service that’s always-on.

Scale up or down – easily

With no investment on infrastructure and your entire service under a single monthly fee, you’re never tied in to capital expenditure. And that means, if your requirements go down or up, you can instantly scale your service, only ever paying for the number of agents you need.

Why Choose Hostcomm

Great Customer Support

When you need help, you can depend on friendly, practical advice from Hostcomm. Global support services help businesses resolve issues, improve performance, and get more from their telecoms. The team can even help with custom solutions by application.

VoIP Network Infrastructure

Hostcomm’s privately owned and locally managed VoIP infrastructure crosses six global data centres, with connections to five Tier-1 carriers. So your VoIP and call recording database is reliable, fast, and always available.

Open Standards

At Hostcomm, our servces are based on open standards of web development, while calls recordings themselves are stored in generic formats like MP3 and WAV. So there’s no restriction on use, no proprietary format, and complete flexibility to use calls your own way or develop rich integration with other platforms.


Throughout our extensive network, security remains consistent. Every area of the infrastructure is protected by an active firewall, filtering access by IP address and traffic type. Meanwhile, intrusion prevention and anti-denial of service (DoS) systems help keep your data secure at all times.