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A Predictive Dialler for telesales agents makes work more rewarding

The Hostcomm hosted Predictive Dialler makes perfect sense in the telesales environment where a campaign involves working through thousands of records in a data list.

The dialler automates the process of making large volumes of outbound calls, monitoring calling patterns within a group of agents, looking at trends and calculating the speed and frequency at which to dial the next contact.

How a predictive dialler helps telesales agents


More talk time. Agents can work through campaign lists faster and talk to more prospects. The dialler can increase productivity by up to 300%.
  • More commission. With more people to talk to, agents are more likely to clinch the deal.
  • No time wasted dialling numbers. The dialler feeds calls steadily and consistently.
  • No time wasted listening to busy signals, unanswered calls, or answering machines. The dialler filters these out so the agent is confronted only with a person on the end of the line.

Create a more flexible workplace and boost productivity in smaller telesales environments


Business with smaller sales teams usually work with less data that’s further along the qualification process. These organisations, which make fewer calls each day, can benefit greatly from Hostcomm Hosted Telephony services. Hosted telephony offers smaller teams of sales agents:
  • Reliable, clear, high-quality telephone lines that can be set up in minutes.
  • A system that can integrate with the company’s sales database, so agents can click-to-dial, saving them dialling time.
  • Features such as inbound call routing, which routes an incoming call to the next free agent, or the agent most suited to taking the call.
  • A system that’s cost-effective for smaller teams, at just £6.99 per agent, per month.

Case studies

Discover how other organizations have increased the productivity of their telesales agents with our VoIP solutions.