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Boost call centre IT infrastructure while reducing costs

Hostcomm Hosted VoIP Services can help IT managers find the right, secure technology for the business without creating large overheads.

Our range of solutions can be delivered quickly, without expensive implementation projects. User adoption of technology is quick because it is simple, there’s no complicated training and general disruption is next to none.

Hostcomm Hosted Call Centre services offers IT managers:

  • Excellent security. Hostcomm hosts the dialler on a dedicated server with a firewall, so the dialler can only be accessed by authorised users.
  • Easy, fast set up. To connect agents to the dialler, the business only needs a router and a broadband connection.
  • Unlimited support. Hostcomm provides telephone technical support to IT managers during and outside of business hours to help with queries such as how to add new phones or users, or change firewall settings.

Some IT managers need to invest in telecommunications solutions to support their helpdesk environments. Hostcomm Inbound Call Centre services are ideal for IT managers in these situations.

Hosted Call centre services offers IT managers with helpdesks:

  • Multi-channel contact queue features. A team of agents logs on to a single queue, ensuring each enquiry is handled with an equal level of service, regardless of whether it’s an email, text, VoIP call, tweet or web form.
  • Intelligent call routing. Incoming calls are automatically routed to the next available agent, the person who’s most qualified to take the call, the agent who most recently spoke to that customer, or the agent with the right language skills to speak to that customer. Find out more about intelligent call routing.
  • Call recording. This added option with our Hosted Telephony VoIP service  enables IT managers to analyse agent performance for training and to improve productivity. It also ensures calls from multiple locations can be easily reviewed. Find out more about call recording.