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Help call centre managers strengthen their teams and boost results

We understand that call centre managers need to keep their eye on the ball, and with multi-channel commuications from customers and prospects, this task is a challenge.

The Hostcomm Hosted Call Centre solutions help to deliver the right call to the right agent, keep each campaign running smoothly and to schedule, and ensure every agent is working as efficiently as possible. The Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler can spread outbound calls evenly throughout the team of agents, encouraging a dynamic, high-energy work environment while dramatically improving results.

Performance monitoring in the Call Centre

High-quality reports provide accurate facts and figures to call centre managers helping them stay abreast of results. They can see which agents are performing well and monitor details such as start times and break times, or listen in on live calls to critique performance and help get new agents up to speed.

Wall boards for call centres

The Hostcomm wallboard feature display results in real time, through any browser - in the call centre, or on mobile devices -  in any location with an internet connection.

Easy-to-use technology for contact centres

New technology is great, but only if it is easily adopted by your agents.  With Hostcomm hosted contact centre solutions, any agent, including new agents can start work almost immediately, with no need for long training periods.

Call recording for call centre managers

This helps managers analyse agent performance and improve productivity. It also ensures calls can be easily reviewed which can be useful in the event of a complaint. Find out more about call recording.

Intelligent agent scripting

Managers can ensure brand consistency and messaging while ensuring all agents are offering the best possible service by customising the dialler with intelligent agent scripting, hold music and greetings.


The dialler can be easily set up to perform within Ofcom regulations.

Improved Agent retention using hosted VoIP services

With fewer repetitive, manual tasks and processes to contend with, agents gain job satisfaction by improving their sales techniques and earning more commission.

VoIP technology Support for Contact centre managers

Hostcomm provides unlimited telephone technical support to call centre managers to help with queries such as how to upload data or produce a report.