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Hosted VoIP solutions that help your people accomplish more

Every business is under pressure to improve productivity of its employees while keeping costs down. And, under those circumstances, it’s not easy keeping everyone happy.

Hostcomm Hosted VoIP products and services can help all employees, from IT managers who want peace of mind that their telephony systems are secure, to call centre agents who want more talk time and better information. We know how to make life easier without compromising quality, and pride ourselves on delivering the solutions that truly support the people who make your business successful.

Hostcomm’s comprehensive suite of hosted VoIP solutions are designed to meet the needs of any size organisation and its employees. Whether yours is a large call centre making high volumes of outbound calls, or a new business hoping to expand, our hosted VoIP products and services provide high-quality, cost-effective telephony solutions that can be tailored to suit the needs of any department or employee.

How can Hostcomm’s suite of products and services support your job role?

Telesales Agents

Telesales agents want to connect to as many leads as possible and say the words that will clinch the sale. It’s critical that a business with telesales agents can ensure the calling process is efficient, cost effective and offers the highest-quality service to customers. Learn more about how Hostcomm solutions support telesales agents.

Call Centre Agents

Call centre agents need cost-effective telephony solutions that help them speak to as many people as possible. To make the most of their time talking to each potential customer, agents need secure, high-quality and consistent phone connectivity, with access to the right data at the right time. Learn more about how Hostcomm solutions support call centre agents.

Call Centre Managers

Tasked with increasing efficiencies, motivating agents and keeping customers happy, call centre managers need to focus on the details that make every campaign successful. It’s vital that they can clearly see the progress of a campaign and can monitor the performance of their agents. Learn more about how Hostcomm solutions support call centre managers.

IT Managers

IT managers have multiple responsibilities. It’s their job to implement the right technology for the business and ensure everyone is comfortable using it, while keeping costs down. It’s vitally important that they choose highly secure solutions that the organisation’s infrastructure can support. Learn more about how Hostcomm solutions support IT managers.

Managing Directors

Managing directors want to drive business productivity, cut overheads and see profits soar. They seek systems that support employees, helping them to work more efficiently and gain greater rewards. Managing directors aim to minimise the cost of these solutions through low implementation, maintenance and support requirements. Learn more about how Hostcomm solutions support managing directors.