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Utilities can benefit from advanced contact centre technology

Utility companies are increasingly prioritising excellent customer service, and an effective contact centre solution is the cornerstone of their communications with their customers. Social change means that the traditional channel of communication is, increasingly, being replaced by new digital channels.

The Hostcomm Contact Pro Contact Centre Solution is a powerful way to help Utility companies engage with their customers in the most effective way. For example, web chat is expected to more than double by the end of 2016 and the use of Smart Apps are projected to grow by over 50%.

Our solution can:

  • Reduce business costs
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Improve your effectiveness staff motivation
  • Raise your reputation

Hostcomm’s Contact Pro Contact Centre Solution offers a wide range of features that can meet the needs of Utilities companies.

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tick Call recording tick Scripting
tick Queues & IVRs tick Surveys
tick Call Routing tick Call Barging & Listening
tick CRM and Workflow Integrations
tick Multichannel: Chat SMS, Email & Social Media.
tick Wallboards, Real-time Reporting and Analytics.

Cost reduction

Now that smartphones and mobile technologies such as 4G services and GPS enabled phones have been common, this channel offers a much greater potential to reduce business costs. Because SMS, email and various chat options continue to rise, in comparison with calls, these channels are becoming more cost effective. According to a survey nearly 90% of current users, with an opinion, agreed new technologies through cloud solutions will reduce costs. And as a result, a third of contact centres are planning for hosted solutions. (1)

Improved Customer satisfaction and business reputation.

Currently, traditional channels continue to dominate the way customers interact with contact centres. However, increased use of new digital channels can improve customer satisfaction. For many customers who are under 30, there is a growing expectation that companies will provide services in the way that they want to communicate, including SMS, web chat facilities and social media. Since Utility companies are generally only contacted when something has gone wrong it is essential to make the best contact they can with the customer. New communications channels can shorten the wait for customers and shorten interactions.

Driving efficiency

In addition, the mobile channel offers Utility companies a great opportunity to meet the need to increase efficiency. By including mobile channels to its customer contact options, Utilities can provide a new convenient channel that suits customer lifestyles and offers them better control. Analysis by Statistica suggests that smartphones have reached over 80% penetration in the UK. Combined with the adoption of 4G technology at around 40% the stability and number of services available for mobile customers will increase significantly.(2) Hostcomm’s ability to integrate with most quality CRMs and workflows can vastly increase the effectiveness and accuracy of customer interactions.

Successful contact centres now are investing heavily in new channels and over 74% are expecting their traffic to grow and 87% expect their non-voice traffic to increase.(3)

Hostcomm’s Contact Pro offers an effective way to seamlessly transition their call centre traffic into the contact technology solutions.

Learn more about how Hostcomm is working in partnership with a call centre that has in depth experience of working in the Utilities sector. Download the Inspired Outsourcing Case Study.