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Accident Compensation Claims

Managing the processes around identifying and helping people who have a valid claim for accident compensation can be a sensitive and complex process. Therefore, automating as much of the business is an important factor ensuring that this work can be done effectively.

By integrating Hostcomm’s communication services with your CRM can enable your services to people with accident compensation claims can be completed more quickly and efficiently. You will want to get through to the right people quickly and then professionally provide information to the claimant and collect relevant information.

There are a number of integration features with a hosted dialler and CRM system.

PCI compliant payment IVR collection system

This means that a secure payment can be made within the call, increasing the opportunity that the transaction is completed there and then and reducing the need for further costly follow-up activity

Click to dial from CRM interface

The facility to be able to dial a number directly from details held in your CRM reduces errors and significantly increases agent efficiency.

Log calls made from CRM interface

Call logs from the dialler can be shown in the CRM so that your staff can have an overview of interactions with your contact at their fingertips.

Click to add to daily dialler call list

This enables your management team to prioritize activity by staff to the most important goals.

Screen pop client record on inbound and outbound call connect

Having client details ready at hand increases agent confidence, improves your staff professionalism and shortens interactions with your contacts.

Update CRM database following dialler call

By updating the CRM database following a call, there are fewer errors as a result of transcribing notes and less administrative downtime between calls.

Automatically add client to dialler call list if payment not received within set time

Use the dialler functionality to set up reminders for follow-up calls based on rules you set up e.g. payment not received after a set number of days.

SMS messaging

Many contacts, particularly younger ones, much prefer to receive contacts via text message and this can improve response rates significantly. Automatically trigger an email, SMS or letter As well as setting up diary follow up, you can instead trigger an email, SMS or letter automatically.

Call recording

We offer call recording and an advanced call search facility to easily find the recording you need. Furthermore, we can link these recordings into the client record on the CRM. However, because they are held online by Hostcomm, you will not need to have to provide in-house storage.

API interface for integrating with 3rd party applications

Hostcomm specializes in providing integrations between our communications systems and your business systems. Integrating our dialler with your CRM or other systems will help to reduce the time taken to contact debtors by telephone and deal with the follow-up actions efficiently.