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Why Choose Hostcomm as your VoIP Telephony Service Provider

Formed in 2004, Hostcomm provides hosted telephony and contact centre services to businesses based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. Hostcomm enables organisations to reduce cost and enhance their competitive edge with services based on VoIP telephony technologies. Our services include:

Hosted Telephony Hosted Predictive Dialler
Unified Communications Multichannel Contact Centre


Hostcomm's services are provided over an IP network enabling any business in the world to experience the benefits of convergence and unified communications. Our experience in IP communications, security and networking enables us to deliver a comprehensive, high quality, cost effective service.Hostcomm is situated in the United Kingdom where it has 6 offices and data centres, the United States where it has a data centre and office in New York and a data centre in northern France. Hostcomm uses these points of presence to provide hosted phone systems and contact centre services globally.Nine Reasons to choose Hostcomm

1. Experience

Hostcomm is an expert in hosted phone systems, VoIP telephony and contact centre services. Its management team has gathered around 60 years of experience in the voice and data networking market over the last 15 years. This experience means that Hostcomm is the leading hosted IP communications service provider in the UK. This means that you will receive a low cost, reliable service that will make a tangible difference to your business.

2. Clients

Hostcomm has over six hundred customers, based in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA including some large multi-national organisations like Bertelsmann Group, Atkins Global and Associated Newspapers. With this large loyal customer base Hostcomm has a very reliable source of income with which it can fund a consistently good service. If you are interested in speaking to any of our clients for a referral this can be arranged.

3. A Unique blend of market-leading technology

Our service blends market-leading technology from Cisco Systems and third party SIP based applications. This means we can provide the best, reliable technology and tailor it to your business immediately.

4. Customer service

Hostcomm always puts you, the customer, first. Our customer service team ensures that you can speak to an expert anytime for advice and guidance or to resolve a problem. Hostcomm operates a very strict problem resolution and escalation procedure using its ticketing system. Clients are invited to provide feedback after receiving support, Hostcomm received 4 out of 5 in 85% of support service surveys in 2012.

5. A One Stop Shop for support

Hostcomm provides a one stop shop for support. This includes the telephone service, network infrastructure and broadband connectivity. This means that you have one partner to call for all of your communications needs.

6. Customer satisfaction policy

Hostcomm operates a complete customer satisfaction policy and aims to provide you, the client with a high quality of service which goes beyond your expectations. All issues are handled by your account manager who works with the technical support manager and if required, a director, to ensure that your issue is addresses properly and quickly. Hostcomm's business model is based on a recurring revenue stream which means that it has a vested interest in making you happy.

7. Free Trial

Hostcomm provides a free trial of all of our services allowing you to experience the service prior to making your decision. The trial includes full support and advice.

8. Control of network and technology

Hostcomm delivers high service availability by retaining control of its network and employing high quality staff. Its strategy is to avoid relying on single suppliers so for example it has 4 datacentres in the UK and terminates its call through 5 large carriers in the UK. Recently Hostcomm has invested substantially in two new softswitches giving it a much higher degree of fault tolerance. These and other network components require very little 3rd party support, for this reason we are able to react very quickly to our client's demands and deliver tailored solutions fast without the burden of complex partner processes. Our support services also reflect this with a very fast problem resolution procedure.

9. Independantly Owned and profitable

Hostcomm is 100% financially independant with no outside funding. Furthermore it is profitable and has grown at an average rate of 75% over the last 3 years. You can be assured that Hostcomm is stable and continues to succeed through innovation.