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A Supportive Partnership

The Hostcomm team has built up many years of experience in developing high-quality VoIP solutions, helping us to become one of the UK's leading IP communications providers.

Our VoIP infrastructure is unrivalled in its design, supporting truly cost-effective services with voice quality that's second to none. It's this combination of experience and innovation that makes Hostcomm such a compelling proposition to our customers and resellers. As a Hostcomm reseller, your customers receive the same quality VoIP and high level of service as ours. We give you dedicated space on our multi-tennant platform, your space to grow and develop your VoIp customer base. We're here to support you, regardless of what type of reseller account you choose.

Technical Support

We're here for our resellers and their customers.

Customer service is at the core of everything Hostcomm does and we aim to provide you, and your clients, with a high quality of service which goes beyond your expectations. So whether you choose to become a Bronze, Gold or Premier reseller, we'll offer you direct access to a channel manager and technical support during business hours. To speed things up, our online support portal has a ticketing system that ensures fast, organised handling of all support requests, with a clear audit trail.




You can access our resources, from user guides to ebooks and infographics.

Our knowledge base contains a number of manuals and quick-start guides to help you and your clients get the most from Hostcomm services. We also offer an FAQs section with trouble-shooting guides that provide answers to the most common support queries. We continue to develop our resources based on your needs and feedback so please let us know what you think.

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Resilience of service

Your customers benefit from HD voice top-quality, resilient VoIP services.

Our infrastructure delivers resilient, reliable and secure VoIP. Years of experience have enabled us to develop an innovative network with no single point of failure, so we offer a highly available service as well as high-definition voice quality. As a Hostcomm reseller, you too can offer your customers the best VoIP available.

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