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Choose what type of reseller you want to be

We've structured our service in a way that makes reselling it easy. Walk through our process for getting started as a reseller. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

No hefty accreditation processes, minimum hassle and no upfront investment required. Get started and start creating a new recurring revenue stream.



Step 1.  Select the type of reseller account that suits your business.

With 3 types of reseller accounts, its simple for anyone to get started and profit from partnering with Hostcomm.

Anyone can earn revenue by promoting Hostcomm Hosted Telephony and Hosted Dialler services. How much you earn is dependent on the levels of ownership you want to have with your customers as well as the skill sets that you have in house. Choose to simply refer potential customers our way, or take full control with a white label service.

Take time to talk to our channel manager Nick and explore which reseller account suits you business model and your inhouse resources.

Now, the hard part's over - you've chosen what type
of reseller you are. The rest is simple.

Step 2.  Have a look around our VoIP portal.

Take some time to explore our portal. See what's on offer with a reseller bundle.

The Reseller Bundle offers resellers a starter account made up of different configuration options, including one extension, auto attendant, IVR Queue, Conference Centre, and a DID number. This way,you  can try out the service before you sign up. You can then use this bundle as your demonstation account.

Speak to our Channel Manager Nick about exploring the Hostcomm VoIP portal and see what our VoIP Portal has to offer.



Step 3.  Get started

It's that simple. 

Hostcomm is looking for like-minded organisations with whom we can build relationships based on mutual trust, common goals and customer satisfaction.

 Speak to our Channel Manager Nick and get started with our full support. 

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