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VoIP Routers

When setting up your VoIP service, make sure your VoIP router is designed with the necessary features for VoIP transport, session maintenance and remote management.

Many internet routers on the market are not set up to handle VoIP services, which inevitably leads to further spend and service disruption. Most of the routers that are shipped by broadband service providers have reduced memory to save cost. This often means that the router is unable to handle multiple, continuous VoIP streams and can randomly cut calls. Other well known routers can ‘hijack’ TFTP signaling, which is needed for remote configuration of phone. As a result, the phone cannot be managed by a VoIP service provider.

Hostcomm has tested the majority of internet routers and recommend the following routers for best VoIP service performance. You can find each of these in our store, fully configured, ready for VoIP service.

Small to medium sized offices and call centres

Billion  7800N
£140 – configured for voip.

  • Supports ADSL / Cable and WiFi
  • Proven to handle high volume call centre traffic reliably
  • Traffic prioritization can be configured for VoIP.
  • Supports up to 40 VoIP voice channels.

Medium sized offices and call centres

Cisco   887
£450 – configured for voip / VPN

  • Supports VDSL broadband and IPSEC VPN for secure traffic transport
  • Supports up to 50 agents

Large offices and call centres

Cisco 2900
£950 – configured for voip / VPN

  • Supports 100+ voice channels