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VoIP POE Switches

Using a POE switch will help you reduce overall costs and keep your working environment free from unnecessary cables.

Power over ethernet (POE) switches provide the ability for your LAN switching infrastructure to provide power to your connected VoIP phones via the UTP (unshielded twisted pair) patch lead. This means the phone doesn’t need a power supply.

IP telephones, such as desktop PBX phones, need power for their operation, and POE enables scalable and manageable power delivery and simplifies deployments of IP Telephony.

We recommend two POE switches that work best with our service


Refurbished Cisco POE switch 24 port (only for Cisco 7900 series phones)
£150 –refurbished tested and configured. 



Netgear Prosafe unmanaged POE switch 24 port.
£200 – new configured