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VoIP Handsets, Routers and Switches for an Efficient Data Network

There are certain types of telecomms hardware that works well with VoIP, meeting the needs of any end to end voice and data network.  Good quality products do not need to be very expensive, they just need to be well chosen and have a good network infrastructure to support them.

Having a good network infrastructure makes a huge difference to the quality of service that you experience. Hostcomm is no different to all service providers, if the network and phones are low quality or unreliable the service will suffer.

You can always buy new, but there may be times when low cost recycled PCs fit your needs and budget. Hostcomm delivers huge quantities of phones and networking gear to our clients, which saves them considerable capital cost and gives them the benefits of world-class reliability and features.

The following categories of VoIP hardware meets the needs of any end to end voice and data network:

VoIP Phones
If you're looking for new business telephones or thinking of upgrading your existing office phones, take advantage of what modern telephony has to offer.  

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POE Switches
Reduce cost and keep the working environment free from unnecessary cables. 

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Routers act as your voice gateway, make sure to select one that works best for VoIP services. 

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