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How To Make Dialler Management Easier

Chris Key

From loading data to responding to errors, dialler management comes with a huge amount of responsibility. However, getting the most from your dialler doesn’t have to be hard work.

The right hosted dialler – and the right provider – should make your life easier, saving you time and energy on routine management, loading data, and configuration.

But what should you be looking for in your dialler? What are the features that will save you the most time and money in the months and years to come?

Here are six key was to make dialler management easier with the right technology.

1. Simple data uploads

Every outbound campaign is fuelled by the data you have. If your dialler requires SQL knowledge for data imports, loading new data lists could take as much as 30 minutes per list, or more. What’s more, some diallers will only accept data with very specific formatting. So if you dialler requires specific formatting or SQL skills, that can slow down data uploads, and campaign progress.

Check that your dialler lets you upload data files inside your dialler management interface, then guides you through the process of mapping fields. This may include import templates that take care of mapping for you. Together, these features allow you to load data in as little as five minutes, even if you encounter files with varied formatting.

2. Fast error checking and correction

The consequences of a mistake in loading data can be disastrous, taking your dialler – and your agents – offline for hours on end. Easier data uploading with no manual database commands required goes some way to avoid this, but your dialler should do even more to reduce the risk of errors.

With data checking for errors before importing, you can spot potential issues before they impact productivity. In addition, your dialler should enable you to find and resolve errors easily by targeting specific records, without the need to shut your dialler down while the problem is fixed.

3. Detailed Inbound and Outbound reporting

One of the key tasks involved in dialler management is monitoring performance and how your dialler supports your agents and campaigns. Developing strategies to get more out of data, assessing the best time to dial, and optimising campaigns to drive results depends on complete visibility.

It’s vital that your hosted dialler includes comprehensive inbound and outbound reports so you can understand dropped call rates and conversions. In addition, with an Agent Time and Status report, you can see how people are using the dialler and spot anomalies that may indicate a dialler or agent issue.

4. Dialler customisation

The closer the match between your dialler, its management interface, and the way you do business, the faster you and your agents can work day-to-day.

This may include making changes to your call disposition options, you rate of dialling, the fields involved in your client data, or even cosmetic changes to suit your brand. Each of these things can make your dialler easier to use – and an experienced service provider can help you take customisation even further.

5. Responsive support from your dialler provider

The right dialler comes from the right vendor – one that’s always available to support you whether you need customized functionality or are dealing with an unexpected issue.

Choose a service provider with great support and technical expertise - on-hand for advanced customisation. A robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) can give you assurances about the level and speed of support you should expect.

6. Training to improve your dialler knowledge

Finally, your hosted dialler provider should be able to deliver the training and knowledge you need to grow your own expertise. While dialler management isn’t always easy, your provider should be proactive in showing you how the dialler can work to your advantage.

As well as initial training as part your implementation, the right provider will offer detailed guides and tutorials online and be ready to respond to your questions and queries at a moment’s notice.

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