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Hostcomm to protect clients against data loss with new data backup guidelines

Chris Key

Hostcomm is providing clear guidance on data management and back ups protocols within cloud contact centre services, to bolster confidence in cloud services and help prevent data loss by introducing a new set of guidelines. The guidelines will help not only cloud based services, but on premise se...

Unfounded security concerns stalling UK cloud contact centre adoption

Chris Key

Hostcomm, challenges thinking surrounding security in cloud contact centres, providing guidance based on proven methods for implementing secure services into the biggest, most complicated networks.

Hostcomm publishes eBook Improving Value from Data Lists

Chris Key

Hostcomm has published a new eBook, ‘Generating More Business from your Data Lists’ to explain how contact centres can get a greater return on investment from their data lists.

Hostcomm Publishes New Guide to Troubleshooting VoIP Audio

Chris Key

Hostcomm has published a new eBook, ‘Troubleshooting Poor VoIP Audio’. Covering the most common causes of low quality VoIP calls, the eBook explains why issues occur and – most importantly – how contact centres can fix them.

Hostcomm Publishes New Guide to Improving Customer Service in Inbound Contact Centres

Chris Key

Hostcomm has published a new eBook, ‘Never miss a call back’ to show the benefits of using a hosted dialler can help Inbound and Blended Contact Centres improve customer service.

Hostcomm Launches Powerful New Surveys Application

Chris Key

Designed to be integrated with a dialler, Hostcomm’s new survey application makes computer aided telephone interviews faster, easier, and more accurate.

Hostcomm publishes new nuisance calls ebook for contact centres

Chris Key

Hostcomm has published a new ebook, Protect your contact centre from nuisance call complaints , which offers guidance to contact centres that helps them stay on the right side of nuisance calls laws.

Hostcomm Integrates Hosted Dialler Services with FLG CRM

Chris Key

With Hostcomm’s hosted dialler and the FLG customer relationship management (CRM) system working together, contact centres can deliver the best standards in customer service and streamline routine administration.

Hostcomm Responds to BT Plans to Switch Off ISDN By 2025

Chris Key

As BT announces its target to migrate all businesses away from ISDN by 2025, Hostcomm details its plans to help organisations make the transition to flexible, cost-effective SIP technology.

Hostcomm sees Growing use of Diallers in Inbound Contact Centre Environments

Chris Key

As the use of diallers becomes more cost effective and customer expectations grow, Hostcomm sees a surge in the demand for diallers from inbound and blended contact centres.

Hostcomm Helps Clients Prevent Nuisance Call Fines

Chris Key

As new legislation cracks down on nuisance calls, Hostcomm helps clients maintain best practice with predictive diallers, achieving new efficiencies without the risk of fines.

Hostcomm Helps Contact Centres Improve Performance with an Updated Wallboard Service

Chris Key

With real-time metrics available from any web browser, Hostcomm’s new wallboard service empowers contact centre managers to improve performance and profitability.

Hostcomm Grows Partnership with BT Wholesale

Chris Key

Acquiring 900 additional VoIP lines, Hostcomm strengthens its relationship with BT Wholesale to bring clients an even more reliable, available service.

Hostcomm Adopts Industry-Standard NPS Metric

Chris Key

With performance measured using a metric call centres understand, Hostcomm strives to improve customer service and deliver the best possible experience.

Hostcomm Dispels Predictive Dialler Myths

Chris Key

Helping customers understand the truth behind common misconceptions, Hostcomm releases a new eBook on how predictive diallers can be used in three different modes.

Hostcomm Launches Guide to On-Premise and Hosted Diallers

Chris Key

To help customers assess their requirements and choose the ideal solution, Hostcomm releases a new ebook comparing on-premise and hosted diallers.

Shelter uses Hostcomm Predictive Dialler to Support Calling Campaigns

Chris Key

Shelter - the housing and homelessness charity - uses Hostcomm ContactPro to maximise call centre performance, maintain compliance, and minimise costs.

Hostcomm Provides Full Contact Centre Telephony Traffic Management

Chris Key

Responding to increased demand from prospective clients, Hostcomm offers complete telephony traffic management to eliminate the threat of short-notice suspension.

Hostcomm Reports Significant Growth in Hosted Telephony Popularity

Chris Key

Hostcomm experiences the continued increase in demand for hosted telephony and VoIP services, alongside increased service expectations from clients.

Hostcomm Meets Growing Demand for Predictive Dialler and Bright Office CRM Integration

Chris Key

Hostcomm has seen a significant growth in demand predictive dialler and CRM system integration, as call centres focus on improving efficiencies and customer care.

Hostcomm scales up VoIP solutions support in a drive to delight customers

Chris Key

Hostcomm, leading UK hosted IP service provider, has announced it’s further investment in technical and customer support. New enhanced technology and additional skilled employees have been brought on board to protect and enhance its existing customer–focussed VoIP services.

Hostcomm Boosts Dialler Resilience with Active Standby Dialler Servers

Kim Moore

Hostcomm boosts the resillience of its predictive dialler service by providing customers with active standby dialler servers. These ‘slave’ diallers act as a backup for primary dialler servers, ready to step in should servers go unexpectedly offline, ensuring businss continuity.

Hostcomm Invests further in Resilient VoIP Infrastructure

Chris Key

Hostcomm invests in an additional VoIP softswitch at one of its four UK datacentres, further enhancing its unique Mesh design that increases capacity and resilience across the network.

Hostcomm and Crystal Legal Secure over £50,000 for Sport Relief

Chris Key

Hostcomm and Crystal Legal share the results of another exciting Sport Relief night. A teamof 60 agents in the Crystal Legal call centre handled telephone donations, while having their own fundraising fun.

Hostcomm Enables Business Process Automation in Call Centres


Hostcomm announces an advanced Application Programming Interface (API) for its predictive dialler, enabling call centre clients to automate common business processes driven by existing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Hostcomm Predictive Dialler CRM API Boosts Value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions for Dynamics Vendors


Hostcomm is working with Microsoft Dynamics vendors to integrate Hostcomm predictive dialler technology with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This seamlessly integrated tool automates workflows throughout the customer-service experience, ensuring businesses can offer customers a far more personalised ser...

Towergate Insurance enters second year with Hostcomm

Chris Key

Towergate decided last year to investigate the use of a hosted dialler to help with client contact rates. With an enormous client database it was hoped that dialler would automate high volumes of telephone calls enabling the customer service staff to talk to more clients per hour. Having run a s...

Hostcomm to provide a 50 agent hosted dialler for Scoot

Chris Key

Hostcomm has won a contract to provide a 50 agent hosted dialler solution for Scoot. Hostcomm was chosen following a comprehensive review of the call centre technology market. The hosted dialler was chosen to automate the process of contacting clients by telephone and increasing customer service ...

Hostcomm assists Comic Relief with 40 agent call centre on a record breaking night

Chris Key

Hostcomm and its client Crystal Legal Services joined forces on the March 16th Comic Relief night and provided a free 40 agent call centre to collect donations. The call centre was provisioned weeks before the big night and was designed so that Crystal Legal staff, who normally provide legal serv...


Chris Key

Bertelsmann Group company avarto is using Hostcomm's hosted auto dialer for high volume client contact services. The hostcomm dialer was chosen for an expanding team of 40 contact centre agents following a review of available options in the UK. Hostcomm was chosen as the best value solution and ...


Chris Key

Hostcomm has launched its new hosted multi-channel call centre service, Communify. The service will deliver cost savings and improved service across all industries and company departments. and will be particularly relevant to companies with a website. The main reasons one would consider a multi ...