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5 Ways a Dialler Improves Contact Centre Productivity

Chris Key

From sales performance to customer experience, your campaign outcomes all depend on the productivity of your people. But maximising that productivity takes the right technology to support your agents and managers.

Switching Customers Versus Becoming a Full Service VoIP Reseller

Chris Key

VoIP is a potentially lucrative opportunity for resellers. But what are your options when it comes to reselling VoIP – and which approach is best for you?

How To Make Dialler Management Easier

Chris Key

From loading data to responding to errors, dialler management comes with a huge amount of responsibility. However, getting the most from your dialler doesn’t have to be hard work.

How To Map the Customer Journey for Increased Revenue and Satisfaction

Chris Key

In a multi-channel contact centre, customers interact with your business in all kinds of ways - across multiple channels. Increasing customer satisfaction – and your revenue – requires an understanding of these interactions and how they can be improved.

6 Step Checklist for Uploading Data into a Dialler

Chris Key

In the most basic terms, everything in your contact centre depends on one thing – your data. Calling good quality data can be the difference between frustration and campaign success. But it all begins with getting your data into your dialler.

Six Essential IVR Tips for Your Call Centre

Chris Key

While your agents are using their expertise to handle calls, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system gives your call centre another opportunity to provide outstanding service to your customers.

Check Ofcom Compliance to Improve your Contact Centre Health

Chris Key

Most businesses and contact centre managers know the importance of Ofcom compliance but, with changing requirements and enforcement processes, it’s essential that you keep up with the latest guidelines.

6 Key Advantages Driving Enterprises to Switch to Hosted Services in their Contact Centres

Chris Key

Today’s connected, digitally-savvy customers place enormous pressure on business to adapt customer service livery. It’s a significant change with an impact across all industries. The way businesses engage with customers and employees is changing - telephony and contact centre services are no exc...

8 Characteristics of the Modern Contact Centre

Chris Key

Today’s customers come with high expectations. The success of your contact centre depends on meeting - and exceeding - those expectations every time. But how?

OFCOM: Persistent Misuse (of predictive diallers)


This article summarises the most recent OFCOM Policy Statement "Persistent Misuse". OFCOM are now targeting their enforcement on those companies that are continually operating their dialler in way that will inconvenience consumers.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service with Multi-Channel Contact Centre Technology

Chris Key

Today’s customers come with high expectations. From the rise of smartphones and wearables to social media, they want new ways to interact – and they demand service on their terms, whenever and wherever they want it.

The Real Business Cost of Poor Customer Experience

Chris Key

Customer experience matters. Not just the core elements of good service – not just answering the phone and keeping your promises – but truly giving your customers a seamless, efficient, easy, and even enjoyable experience whenever they deal with your contact centre.

6 Ways to Improve Team Motivation using Multi-Channel Contact Centre Technology

Chris Key

Whether they’re working on outbound campaigns or handling inbound calls, the success of your contact centre is largely down to the performance of your agents. But how can you keep your agents motivated in a challenging and fast-paced environment?

How to Prepare Your Contact Centre for Busy Periods

Chris Key

When your contact centre is struggling to cope with above-average demand, everyone suffers. Your agents find it impossible to keep up, your service targets become unachievable and your customers find themselves waiting in a seemingly endless queue.

Celebrating Two Comms National Awards Shortlist Positions

Chris Key

It’s with great pride that we’re announcing a double success for the team and, in particular, the Hostcomm ContactPro hosted dialler. After a rigorous selection process, we’ve been nominated for both Reseller Best SME Contact Centre Solution and Reseller Best Enterprise Contact Centre Solution a...

3 Mistakes Your Sales Agents are Making (and How to Fix Them)

Chris Key

We all want our sales agents to perform at their best – after all, they’re the ones driving the success of every single campaign. But, across organisations of all sizes, the same few mistakes are affecting performance and, in turn, campaign results. It’s a significant issue that has a direct impa...

Case Study: The Impact of the Right Hosted Dialler

Chris Key

Every contact centre understands the importance of using a dialler to reach the most leads, support agents effectively, and drive the very best campaign outcomes. For a contact centre on any scale, the days of manual dialling are just a distant memory. But not every hosted dialler is the same. J...

5 Important Call Centre Metrics to Access using a Wallboard

Chris Key

Today’s customers expect a simple, quick and quality service from agents when contacting a hosted call centre. They want to be called back when they want, receive information in the right way and demand a service that’s personal and tailored to their requirements.

What is a softphone? (And why is my VoIP service provider suggesting I get one?)

Chris Key

If you’re considering switching to a VoIP solution for your business, you may have been advised to download a softphone solution for you and your team. Here, we run through an introductory guide.

8 Reasons to Integrate a Hosted CRM with a Dialler

Chris Key

If your contact centre uses a hosted CRM system and a dialler separately, you’re only using both to a fraction of their potential. In fact, for contact centre managers, integrating your dialler and CRM system is a way to make life a lot easier – and make you far more successful in your role.

How To Get Started with VoIP Using This Simple Checklist

Chris Key

You've probably already heard about the big benefits of VoIP, from cost savings to flexibility. If you need a refresher, find out about the benefits of VoIP here . But as you consider making the move to VoIP for your office telephone system, it can be hard to know where to begin. To help, here's...

A 2 Minute Guide to Hosted Diallers

Chris Key

Hosted diallers are no longer used solely by call centres. Whilst traditionally they’ve been seen as a crucial, if not one of the most important, tools for contact centres dealing with large amounts of customer activity – better technology and lower implementation fees (eradicated almost entirely...

3 Ways to ensure your Clients are Aware of Abandoned Call Rate Best Practice

Chris Key

Do you resell IT or telecoms? If so, are your customers aware of ACRs and the implications they may face when using a hosted predictive dialer? Hostcomm shares top tips to help you help your client base.

How to Grow your Recurring Revenue with VoIP and Dialler Services

Chris Key

If you're an IT or telecoms reseller, VoIP and hosted dialler services are the key to unlocking the full potential of recurring revenue. You could increase your billable VoIP minutes by 300% and open up brand new revenue streams with impressively high margins.

What charities can do after Google’s damaging Adwords changes

Chris Key

Google’s latest change to its search engine advertising is having an impact on charities. With the removal of the right-hand side advertisements from search results pages, competition for visibility is now impossibly high – particularly given charities’ limited budgets.

A Reminder of PCI-Compliant Payment Basics

Chris Key

If you manage a contact centre, there is a good chance that your agents take payment information over the phone. If you do, it is essential that you stay on top of your legal obligations and the appropriate compliance standards.

The Big Benefits of Using a Hosted Dialler

Chris Key

When it comes to a hosted dialler, it can be hard to see the benefits that matter to you at-a-glance. After all, with so many features – so many possibilities – the ones that matter to your business can get lost in the noise.

10 Questions to Ask About a Call Centre CRM System

Chris Key

Any business can benefit from a customer relationships management (CRM) system – a way to track every interaction with every customer, from your earliest prospecting to closing the deal and retaining the customer long-term.

Hostcomm partners with Data Pacific on Diners Club hosted dialler implementation

Chris Key

Hostcomm, a hosted VoIP telephony and contact centre services provider, has partnered with outsourced IT provider Data Pacific to implement a hosted dialler solution for Diners Club International.

Six reasons for a cloud contact centre

Chris Key

Building the case for a cloud-based contact centre has never been easier. Business leaders have uncovered fundamental benefits by moving to the cloud. Financially, there is a lot that can be gained and a lot of costs that can be cut all while improving collaboration and agent productivity, even r...

The cost of business continuity in your contact centre

Chris Key

When considering how much to spend on business continuity, you'll need to determine how much downtime your contact centre can sustain. Very few call centres can manage a full day of call centre downtime, however some can handle an hour. Generally, the size of organisation, the larger the call cen...

8 ways to reduce the impact of a server failure on your contact centre operations

Chris Key

One of the most common causes of server failure and data loss in contact centres is hard-drive failure. This is due to the fact that most disk drives today still use moving parts. Solid state drives (SSDs), which have no moving parts, are available, but they can suffer degradation after a number...

Five disasters your contact centre can avoid with data back ups

Chris Key

As reliability on data increases, the risk and cost of losing that information grows. Data loss from failure to back up becomes a real issue and can damage operational efficiency and customer service. That is why it is important to be aware of the issues and have the right back up protocols in p...

Present mobile numbers to improve contact rates

Chris Key

The telephone number that people see on their mobile or caller ID display is a significant factor in whether they will take the call. Typically, people are wary of 0800, 0845, and ‘unknown’ numbers, which typically come from businesses and contact centres.

Callbacks: A dialler’s most underrated feature

Chris Key

As we move into the summer months, more and more people are away from the office. Agents take well-deserved holidays, while customers are less likely to be sitting at home waiting for your call. Keep your customers happy while keeping your agents sane, using one of your dialler’s most understated...

Reduce Abandoned calls with Queue Callbacks

Chris Key

There is little more frustrating to your customers than waiting in a queue for an indefinite period of time. Ultimately, this leads to abandoned calls, brand defection, and customers who are unhappy before they even speak to an agent.

How to Improve Campaign Performance with a Survey Application

Chris Key

Surveys are an essential tool for a wide range of different businesses. Utility firms can use them to conduct large-scale switching campaigns. Market research companies can use them to conduct their core business, every single day.

How to identify and fix the causes of poor quality VoIP calls

Chris Key

If you are using a phone system that's based on VoIP and you are experiencing poor VoIP call quality, take action now to diagnose and correct the issues. With today's standards of VoIP services, don't put up with problematic call quality, fix it.

How to migrate from ISDN to SIP

Chris Key

With a timeline set for 2025, BT’s recent announcement that it intends to switch off the ISDN network may not seem like urgent news. After all, with ten years to go, there’s plenty of time to organise the system that will replace your existing telephony.

4 Reasons Why an Inbound Call Centre Should Use a Dialler

Chris Key

In an inbound call centre, customers expect a timely response. They expect to be taken care of. And, if they’re not, they’ll readily turn to social media to shout about the substandard service they received.

Call recording for customer retention

Chris Key

There are lots of reasons why call recording is the unsung hero of call centre technology. It ensures you have evidence if disputes or disagreements arise, helping to protect your business against litigation.

6 actions that lead to a nuisance call complaint

Chris Key

Most outbound call centres want to deliver the best service at all times. It’s natural, then, to think that nuisance calls regulations don’t apply to them. But, in light of new increased powers for the Information Commissioner's Office, it’s important to understand what constitutes a nuisance ca...

6 key wallboard metrics for improving campaign performance

Chris Key

The secret to improving campaign performance and profitability is understanding your current position. When you use wallboard metrics, you can clearly measure the way agents are working, you can uncover where there’s room for improvement, and take corrective action.

How to make your customers love you

Chris Key

If you can make life easier for your customers, they’ll love you for it. They’ll sing your praises. But what is the secret to making this happen?

Which predictive dialling mode is right for you?

Chris Key

A predictive dialler has three different dialling modes - preview, progressive and predictive. The benefits you enjoy will depend on how you use your dialler. Discover which dialling mode is right for you.

8 reasons why you need a single unified queue in your call centre

Chris Key

It’s been a long time since your customers relied exclusively on the telephone for getting in touch. If, by now, you’re not supporting different channels of communications equally efficiently, it’s time you did.

5 tips reveal how Call scripting helps call centre agents triumph

Chris Key

With help from some specialised features, today’s call scripting is smarter, giving call centre agents an intuitive experience that helps them perform better. Here are five tips to explain how.

11 Tips for Improving CRM and VoIP Integration

Chris Key

If your business uses VoIP-based telephony, it's time to consider integrating it with customer relationship management (CRM) technology. If you can get the finer details right, the results might surprise you.

Why smart charities use automated diallers

Chris Key

A recent TV documentary raised concerns about the practices used by charities for telephone-based fundraising. We say nonsense! And we speak out about technology used by charities to ensure stringent calling standards.

Comparing on-premise and cloud-based call recording

Chris Key

Whether you’re running a sales team, a support service, or a comprehensive contact centre you will need to choose between on-premise and cloud-based call recording. We compare the alternatives on three key criteria.

The truth about VoIP – dispelling the fears about voice quality

Chris Key

You may have heard of some problems associated with VoIP. However due to advances in VoIP technology these are now redundant. This blog post outlines four common causes of poor VoIP quality.

How Hostcomm is focused on business continuity

Chris Key

Whether you’re making inbound or outbound calls, one thing remains the same – you should expect to be able to carry out your business continuously, without interruption.

Who is answering the telephone calls for Sport Relief?

Kim Moore

Sport Relief weekend kicks off today, and I’m sure you’re all getting ready to make your call and give generously. But have you ever wondered how all those calls are managed? Where are the agents who’ll pick up and process your donation?

4 Tips to keep your call centre running when the floods hit


Whenever bad weather hits, businesses can’t help but be affected. But for call centres, the impact of flooding is twice as bad. So how can you keep up with the challenges of flood days, even with fewer agents? Here are four essential tips.

How To Get Better ROI from your Telephone Data Lists


Whether you have a small telesales team or a 100 seat outbound call centre, a predictive dialler can help increase The ROI of your data lists by evaluating the quality of your data, how it is used, and how it could work harder. Here's how.

Hostcomm reveals impact of VoIP network infrastructure on call centre performance


Hosted IP services provider Hostcomm talks about VoIP network infrastructure and the methods used to ensure secure, quality lines and continuity of service for their call centre clients. Understanding the demands that outbound call centre activity places on an organisations traffic profile is cri...

The pitfalls of choosing the wrong provider for multiple VoIP lines for your call centre


The success rate of your campaigns can be heavily impacted by the reliability and the quality of your call connectivity. Despite advances in communications technology, a predictive dialler campaign and your brand can be seriously impacted by your choice of provider for the multiple VoIP lines you...

VoIP offers big benefits to small businesses


Switching to hosted VoIP telephony service makes perfect sense for small businesses. VoIP services are faster to deploy, easier to manage and more flexible than traditional telephony methods. They’re also more cost-effective, with subscriptions costing far less than ISDN lines.

VoIP and SIP Trunking explained


Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, is less complicated than it sounds. It’s the international language of VoIP, which enables you to make voice calls over the internet. A SIP trunk is the virtual interface for your communications system, which means you can connect calls over your broadband co...

How call centre automation improves quality and quantity


For a call centre to be successful, it needs a high quantity of calls and high-quality calls - people making lots of calls without dropped calls and endless queues. The manual dialling approach no longer works. Agents simply can’t sustain high customer service levels while managing their call ta...

Improve the Visibility of your Call Centre Wallboard


Wallboards are a convenient way to give agents the information they need to keep call quality high. But there’s a problem. They’re only convenient when you’re sitting in the call centre. If you want to be an agile company that’s constantly reviewing and improving, it’s important to choose a pred...

Automating the lead to cash process in your call centre by integrating your Salesforce CRM system.

Chris Key

Business process automation can transform any call centre very quickly by eliminating administration bottlenecks, reducing the cost of service/product delivery and facilitating high growth. Two major components of a telemarketing company's client acquisition and customer service (AKA 'lead to cas...

Hostcomm’s hosted predictive dialler integration with Zoho CRM – the key to fast gowth!

Chris Key

Manual tasks can bog down a call centre and prevent growth and productivity so a good API integration between the CRM system and hosted dialler is essential.

Hostcomm hosted dialler integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Chris Key

Hostcomm's hosted predictive dialler service integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM service to deliver business-transforming benefits such as business process automation, 'straight-through' order transactions and increased sales.

Hosted unified communications Cisco vs Microsoft lync vs Communify

Chris Key

communify vs Microsoft Lync vs Cisco UCM unified communications The unified communications service and technology markets are expected to grow quickly for the next five years peaking in 2018. Microsoft and Cisco are well known as the two major vendors of unified communications technology (Gartne...

What is Unified Communications?

Chris Key

Unified communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as VoIP, video, instant messaging (chat), presence information, data sharing, call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as CRM,file sharing, unified messaging (integra...

Workflow automation / business process automation for better service and reduced operational cost

Chris Key

Workflow automation (Business Process automation) Workflow is a term used to describe the tasks, procedural steps, organizations or people involved, required input and output information, and tools needed for each step in a business process. A workflow approach to analyzing and managing a busine...

Hostcomm scores high for support services

Chris Key

Hostcomm has received high scores for its client ticket rating for August with most clients (85%) scoring four and five out of five. The vast majority scored Hostcomm five out of five for quality of support. Client support rating Hostcomm sends a rating request to the client after each support t...

Choosing a VoIP service for your dialer - 5 top tips

Chris Key

Choosing a voice over IP (voip) service for your dialer or call centre is not easy if you don't have a criteria to work from. Making a bad choice can lead to significant loss of revenue and a damaged reputation. Most organisations select their supplier purely based on the price of the calls offe...

payMatic-PCI - taking card payments in a secure PCI DSS compliant way using Paypal

Chris Key

Hostcomm has launched payMatic-PCI which is a simple PCI compliant card payment system which is available to anyone wishing to take card payments in a call centre environment. The system is controlled by the call centre agent who moves the client to a secure IVR where the card details are taken,...

Hostcomm relocates technical support centre for expansion

Chris Key

In response to a period of high growth which has seen Hostcomm's turnover double in successive years, a new technical support centre has been acquired. The office in Leicester now houses the existing team of technical support engineers and to allow for future expansion. Hostcomm's engineer recru...

Hostcomm hosted dialer integration features

Chris Key

We have released a summary of some of the integration features that are available with our hosted auto dialer service. All of these features are available as optional extras with our hosted dialler service: Agent Web Phone - built into the actual web page in the form of a tool bar it allows sing...

Hostcomm launches VistaVoip - hosted PBX with 'drag and drop' call management and active presence

Chris Key

Hostcomm has added another innovative product to its range of hosted business voip services. VistaVoip is a hosted PBX service which gives you all of the usual PBX features like call recording, call queueing, conferencing and voicemail and it also has a unique java operator console designed to s...

Choosing a hosted auto dialler service provider - top 10 questions to ask

Chris Key

The number of hosted auto dialler service providers around the world is growing to cater for an increasing demand. They provide a service on a subscription basis without the technical challenges associated with the design and installation challenges of a premises-based predictive dialler. If all...

Has Ofcom finally killed off AMD answer machine detect systems?

Chris Key

Ofcom has made some changes recently that discourage the use of answer machine detect (AMD) systems. They have narrowed the parameters in which they can be used and loosened other parameters to encourage the use of AMD-free automated diallers. AMD systems work by making a decision on the agent's...

Automated diallers - On premise vs hosted, which is best?

Chris Key

With hosted automated diallers (predictive diallers) being purchased more and more often to save on up-front capital expenditure are we forgetting the other huge benefits of using a hosted dialler? The traditional process for installing a dialler is to actually purchase it, install it in your of...

The benefits of using an automated phone dialler

Chris Key

Based on feedback from our client base we have summarised what we feel are the main benefits of using an auto dialler. The benefits arrive rapidly and are tangible. This makes investment in an auto dialler a good one in terms of a quick return on investment especially when using a hosted auto di...

Using an IPSEC VPN with a hosted auto dialer for security

Chris Key

Hostcomm's contactPro voip auto dialler (predictive dialler) supports SIP voip over vpn to encrypt voips calls over the internet. Hostcomm's auto dialers are installed with a built in IPSEC vpn server which enables agents to connect to it using a vpn tunnel. This tunnel uses military grade encry...

Using Answerphone Detect systems in a voip auto dialler environment

Chris Key

Answerphone detect systems reduce wasted agent time by detecting and dispositioning voicemail and answerphones without involving the agents. This saves around 20-30 seconds of agent time which when extrapolated over a month equates to a large cost saving. The additional benefit is that the time ...

Battle of the protocols - Is IAX better than SIP for trunks?

Chris Key

SIP has become the standard VoIP protocol used across the world but is it better than alternatives such as Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX) in a trunk environment? This article highlights the benefits of using IAX (now IAX2) over SIP. Bandwidth usage IAX is more efficient than RTP in a trunk using ...

Top 5 tips for your hosted call centre network infrastructure

Chris Key

Any hosted auto dialer or hosted call centre is only as good as the network it runs over. Assuming your service provider has a suitable network your local network must be good enough to transport voice and time sensitive data. A hosted auto dialer or inbound call centre connects from your servic...

Why should you consider a multi channel (multi-media) customer service strategy?

Chris Key

Having conducted extensive research of the market we are pretty confident that this service is unique. It is a hosted service and is able to unify more types of multi media communication methods than pretty much everything else in the market. The main reasons one would consider a multi channel c...

Get a PCI DSS compliant call centre with Hostcomm

Chris Key

Hostcomm's solution for PCI compliance in call centres The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. Defined by the Payment Car...

Building scalable fault tolerant predictive diallers with clustering

Chris Key

Single server predictive dialler solutions can be very powerful and fault tolerant but scalability is limited to the host server capacity, which means a ceiling of around 40 agents. Clustering enables a contact centre to grow through this limitation and become more fault tolerant. A cluster is f...

Save 75% off your agent desktops with hosted thin client terminals

Chris Key

The traditional desktop appliance for agents in a call centre is a PC. However there is an alternative which costs around £80 to buy and reduces complexity and administration. Thin client terminals are perfect for using with predictive diallers and inbound call centres and they give disaster rec...

Hostcomm hosted IVR demonstration

Chris Key

Hostcomm has made available a hosted IVR demonstration which features a variety of business applications including a speech based auto-attendant, a telephone survey and a weather forecast. The demonstration is designed to give you an idea of how the hosted IVR can be used as well incorporating s...