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Data Backups

As standard we offer contact data and call recording backup

On all of our hosted call centre services data is stored in a secure MySQL database on your dedicated server platform. This includes: all uploaded lists, call records, campaign settings, call-back details, client details and notes.

To help you reduce the risk of data loss, as a result of a server disk drive failure on your hosted dialler or call centre service, Hostcomm provides a number of requestable backup options:

Request free configurable backup protection:

One size does not fit all. We offer five configurable backup options with our services as standard upon request. To reduce the chance of data loss, simply tell us which of the below backup services you require:

  • Periodically request a MySQL backup and call recordings archive from Hostcomm technical support
  • Request access (read only) to your MySQL database where you can download your data to a schedule or manually. This needs to be done when your server is not being used
  • Download key data from the admin interface such as Lists, callbacks and client data
  • Call recordings can be automatically transferred overnight to a server local to you
  • Provided that the MySQL database is kept to a small size (by archiving call details) it can also be transferred overnight to you

Discuss Back up protection

Discuss Back up protection for Hostcomm Cloud Contact centre services.

Request premium backup protection

For additional premium protection against data loss, premium options are available.

Mirrored server
Configured in a master and slave scenario, your data is copied to the slave server semi-live and can act as a live server replacement in the event of a primary server failure. Data is always up to date within one minute and call recordings are copied across to the slave server nightly.

Hardware RAID disk array
This ensures your data is spread over more than one disk drive. In the event of a disk failure the other disk can take over..

Hostcomm Call Recording
Call recording manual back ups can be backed up to your organisations server so that you can have complete control and visibility of call recordings. Alternatively Hostcomm can transfer your call recordings using FTP for fast, efficient back ups of your call recordings.


Generate more business from your data lists

It's one thing to motivate your agents and get them making the calls, but it they are not working with good data, the end of the day results can be soul destroying. Download the eBook to gain insights into how you can develop more new business from your data lists.

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Generate more business from your data lists